Coinsquare, the first cryptocurrency exchange that has named as Coinbase of Canada, has developed Stellar wallet BlockEQ as it pursues to improve its offerings more than cryptocurrency trading. The Coinsquare, Toronto-based exchange announced the transaction on December 6, 2018, stating that it had made a payment of $13 million (~ $9 million) to get BlockEQ, a non-custodial wallet that lets cryptocurrency customers to store tokens and XLM that run on the Stellar network. Coinsquare, which functions Canada’s third-largest crypto trading platform, will offer the infrastructure for the new exchange while DLTa21 which has offices in both Japan and Canada it would be forefront supervisory agreement and other efforts at the original level.

Coinsquare is plotting the central development into Japan as it organizes to go public 2018. The exchange, headquartered in Toronto, proclaimed that it had shaped a collaboration with DLTa21, a “worldwide blockchain investment bank, to start a centralized crypto exchange in Japan.”

With this achievement, Coinsquare increases a base in the Stellar network, a groundwork which it plans to influence to “offer new services and products using the Stellar System.”

As per Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare, “We have enormous admiration for what the BlockEQ group gets to Coinsquare.” “They are one of Canada’s excellent tech teams, and the formation they’ve shaped is hugely respected. That alliance in company with Coinsquare’s technology and team means that we have the chance to make delightful things for the cryptocurrency community in Canada.”

On the other hand, Satraj Bambra, CEO of BlockEQ added that they are happy to be working under Coinsquare. “Coinsquare” was the reason we initially became interested in the cryptocurrency space, so when Cole and team came in contact with us for coming onboard, it seemed like a usual next step. Coinsquare has recently informed the next stage of its bid to become a global cryptocurrency exchange, opening for business in the European Union in Q4 2018. The trading venue is finally making inroads into Asia as its new strategy is to open a new crypto exchange in Japan.