Chainex And MenaPay collaborates to povide The First Initial Exchange Offering

For its first initial exchange offering (IEO) ChainEx has currently stated that the company has collaborated with MenaPay and is marketing MPay tokens from March to 15 May 2019.

Simply put, in contrast to AN ICO (initial coin offering), an IEO (initial exchange offering) isn’t receptive the general public. You’ll need to be a user of the hosting exchange to participate within the token sale. whereas AN ICO permits any contributors to shop for the token purchasable by causation funds into a particular address, AN IEO needs contributors/users to shop for the token by victimization the exchange’s accounts.

Many people skinny that IEO is solely previous wine during a new bottle, however, that’s not the case. the largest downside with ICOs is that they’re not monitored by any third parties. Basically, Anyone will launch an ICO, as long as you have got a report to persuade investors to place funds into your company. On the opposite hand, An IEO may be a terrible, if not entirely, totally different model. whereas each ICOs ANd IEOs share the explanation of an initial public giving (IPO), in an IEO, the exchange becomes an administrator. one among the new fundraising approaches to crypto-banking is that the IEO. it’s caught the eye of initial coin giving comes, fundraisers and traders worldwide. An IEO permits AN capitalist to shop for the tokens launched through the IEO on a crypto exchange. The exchange is largely acting because of the negotiant between the start-ups and contributors.ChainEX is worked up to conduct the IEO for MenaPay because it is one among the foremost anticipated IEOs of the year.

MPay tokens are going to be sold-out on ChainEX for $0.165, with a two hundredth bonus for the primary one. The token holders are going to be ready to take pleasure in each the token’s increasing value within the marketplace and therefore the buy-back mechanism. Although IEOs area unit a replacement development, there’s little doubt they’re going to still grow and create crypto-currencies and exchanges even a lot of appealing to a wider market.

ICOs are often compared to crowdfunding and IPOs. a bit like the IPOs, a stake has got to be sold-out by a startup company therefore on return up with funds which will aid the operations of such an organization. the sole distinction is that the incontrovertible fact that IPOs handle investors whereas ICOs work closely with supporters World Health Organization area unit terribly addicted to new comes a bit like the crowdfunding event.

There are several productive transactions to date. However, it’s necessary for investors to require precaution since there area unit some campaigns that may flip fallacious. this can be because of the very fact that they’re extremely unregulated. monetary authorities don’t participate during this and if you lose funds through such initiatives, it’s arduous to follow up therefore on getting compensation.

In an announcement by MenaPay, they state:

“The IEO approach is beneficial for the start-ups as most of the developers are qualified in the blockchain, but they are not ICO experts. Thus, it is much better for the startup to rely on the expertise of exchange to ensure the process done in a secure way to both sides. Potential investors will feel more comfortable purchasing tokens using well-known cryptocurrency exchange platforms online and this system is a great advantage for those who want to invest in real projects.”

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