Bitfury Donates Its Computing Power to ‘Folding at Home’ Project

Bitfury Gives Computing Power to COVID-19 Research

The globally acclaimed blockchain hardware and software providing firm, the BitFury Group, has announced that it shall be donating computing power to the Washington University’s “Folding at Home” project to aid the research operations centered around the COVID-19 outbreak. The reputed platform affirmed that the team has decided to re-assign the computing power used for channelizing its digital currency transaction processing operations to the University to give its input at this time of dire critical crisis.

Folding at Home serves as a distributed computing project that inculcates operations and research focused on molecular dynamics simulations of protein dynamics. Earlier, the team-centered its operations on protein folding, but now it has diversified its capacities to a wide range of biomedical issues like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, COVID-19, and Ebola.

As per the reports, since March 20, Bitfury’s collection of high-powered GPU-enabled computing nodes has been working on the COVID-19 calculations. Up until now, the project has completed over 1,300 calculations for the endeavor to scrutinize the coronavirus implications. The firm is gearing up to increase its contribution significantly with time. The research conclusions made by the Folding at the Home project are available for public viewing for free of cost so that any organization working on a vaccine, treatment, or any kind of research can take help from it.

Valery Vavilov, CEO of BitFury stated,

At our core, our company mission is to do good. Our contribution of highly efficient computing power pales next to the selflessness and sacrifice of our medical caregivers and essential staff on the front lines of this virus, but I am confident that this project from Folding at Home, alongside the work of many researchers and doctors, will significantly advance our understanding and treatment of this disease.

Established in 2011, BitFury is striving to create highly efficient, innovative, and path-breaking solutions that have the potential to bring about a significant change on a global scale, using the most advanced technologies of the millennium era. The team is adamant about catering to the hardware and software requirements of the entities at every order of technology. It shines as the leading security and infrastructure provider for the Bitcoin blockchain and is immensely popular for its advanced ASIC and BlockBox operations across the globe.