Abra, an all-inclusive cryptocurrency trading and wallet system, is presently providing investors $25 in Bitcoin (BTC) for fresh investments in its Bitwise 10 Index (BIT10).

The BIT10 Index has let Abra customers gain contact to around 80 percent of the cryptocurrency market with a solitary asset place. It is a market-weighted copied product that tracks the joint price action of best coins, such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin, EOS (EOS) and XRP (XRP).

Though the $25 might be a greeted sum for greatest trade investors, the correspondence offered to Abra users exposed that fresh BIT10 depositors must exchange a least of $1,000 from any money into BIT10 at the time the raise period. This compares to a roughly 2.5 percent cash back reward.

BIT10 is a fresh place intended and industrialized by Abra as an innovative new cryptocurrency index. The directory lets for open and straightforward exchange, giving investors the chance to invest within 70 percent of the total market capitalization, by buying just one asset. In spirit, investors can invest in the top 10 cryptocurrencies; all finished one swift asset in the BIT10 platform. It’s a lesser fee index with no limits, no purchasing investments and limits beginning from $5.00.

To rejoice the start of BIT10, Abra is giving away $25.00 worth of Bitcoin to any new investors that invest in the BIT10 index. The Bitcoin will be sent free of cost and Abra is doing publicity this as a no cord connected as there is no requirement to endorse spam publicity or even to give up the weight of individual data, just free Bitcoin gave for investing.

As per the sources:

“Cunningly hidden away in the small print are terms and conditions, one of which states, any investments in BIT10 totaling less than $1,000 equivalent during the promotion period will not be eligible for this cashback reward. So, to be eligible for the free Bitcoin you have to acquisition $2000 worth of the BIT10 token till December 31 by creating it a 3% reward. It sounds kind of OK, but considering it’s only available if you buy in with $1,000 it seems unattainable for a huge amount of hobbyist investors.”

CEO of Abra, Bill Barhydt informed CoinDesk that currently, the account invests in Ethereum, XRP, EOS, stellar, bitcoin cash, litecoin, dash, monero, and zcash. Customers can redeposit bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash or a fiat currency into their Abra wallets and convert funds to the Bit10 token, he added.

The token itself is not a fund, he explained, adding:

“The Bit10 token is 100 percent bitcoin-based. It is a single bitcoin collateralized multi-sig wallet. The amount of bitcoin the consumer is holding in the Bit10 token’s wallet is automatically adjusted to reflect the USD value of the Bit10 index. Abra is the counterparty to the contract and hedges away counterparty risk on all of its contracts. This is exactly how all of the other synthetic assets in Abra function.”